Contact School

Have a question or concern? Need to contact the office or a teacher about an assignment or upcoming event? Please feel free to email or call us.
If you are coming to the offices during the summer you may want to call first to verify that the office is open that day.

General Information:

Office hours are from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. Hours can vary during the summer months.
Please send lunch money in a envelope with your child's name on the front.

To contact the Elementary Office ~ Phone: 815-522-3336 Fax: 815-522-3185
To contact the Jr/Sr High School Office ~ Phone: 815-522-3335 Fax: 815-522-9918
To contact the District Office ~ Phone: 815-522-6676 Fax: 815-522-6619

To report student absence:

 For Elementary call 1-815-522-3336 ext. 3
 For Jr/Sr High School call 1-815-522-3335 ext. 3

To contact a teacher:

  1. Find the teacher's extension in the Staff Directory.
  2. Dial 815-522-XXXX, where XXXX is their extension.
  3. If the teacher is unavailable, please leave a message on their voice mail and they will contact you.
  4. To email a teacher please send to first.last@d426.org.