Friends of Hiawatha

Kirkland Hiawatha Schools Foundation/Friends of Hiawatha
The Kirkland Hiawatha Schools Foundation/Friends of Hiawatha, a 501(c)(3) organization, was originally founded to offer scholarships to Hiawatha seniors interested in pursuing educational achievements beyond high school. To this end, we are proud to oversee and distribute scholarships in excess of $3500 to deserving Hiawatha graduates each year. Please visit our Scholarship Page for detailed information on the scholarships we offer.

Friends of Hiawatha expands this mission by actively promoting Hiawatha students' accomplishments, as well as pursuing fund-raising activities for the purpose of facility improvements and academic enhancements. Friends of Hiawatha provides supporters of our schools a means to contribute by accepting targeted or non-targeted tax-deductible donations to the school. For example, past donations have gone directly to the band and football programs. You can also support our foundation through the AmazonSmile Foundation. Information can be found at this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/26-4087224 

We encourage members of our community to stay involved with our school district. If you would like to provide feedback on how we can better support Hiawatha CUSD 426, please contact us at friendsofhiawatha@gmail.com. We encourage you to show your support by joining us on the members page of this site. Friends of Hiawatha views Hiawatha Schools as the heart of our community, and the district needs our support to ensure our schools are nurtured and preserved for generations to come.




Mary Jo Downen




Kirkland Hiawatha Schools Foundation/Friends of Hiawatha


Friends of Hiawatha's Board of Directors consists of  community members, Hiawatha faculty, and school board members. Our board members are:

Chairperson: Mary Jo Downen
Vice-Chairperson: Dawn Darling
Secretary: Carlene Giebel
Treasurer: Mary Jo Downen
Directors: Ann Sullivan, Pat Brennan