Contact the School

General Information:

Office hours are from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. (Hours can vary during the summer months.)

Please send lunch money in an envelope with your child's name on the front.

To contact the Elementary Office ~ Phone: 815-522-3336 Fax: 815-981-4056

To contact the Jr/Sr High School Office ~ Phone: 815-522-3335 Fax: 815-787-7026

To contact the District Office ~ Phone: 815-522-6676 Fax: 815-516-0836

To report student absence:

For Elementary call 1-815-522-3336 ext. 3

For Jr/Sr High School call 1-815-522-3335 ext. 3

To contact a teacher:

You can find email addresses for teachers on the Staff Directory page.

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