Transportation Coordinator: Mrs. Kelly Groh

Phone: 815-522-2687   Fax: 815-522-9918

Safety Tips

The safety of children is our top priority, and to that end, we encourage students to abide by our safety tips and rider rules. Students who use our bus service can greatly increase their own safety by following these safety tips.

Expectations for Bus Behavior

Do not lose your bus privileges! Follow these rules.

Big Bus Expectations and Responsibilities

When a bus arrives at a bus stop, the safest place for the student to be is at the bus stop waiting. It is for this reason that all students must be at their bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Students must be standing at the bus stop, not running down the street trying to catch the bus. If running on time, big buses are not required to wait for students who are not standing at the stop when the bus arrives. Please have your student at his/her bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Please note, in the winter, when road conditions are less than ideal, bus drivers adjust by starting their routes earlier. The result is the first stops in the route may be a little earlier and the last stops due to the bad road conditions may be a little later.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child missed the bus. How do I get him or her to school?

If a parent can drive the child to school, the bus will provide transportation after school, as usual. 

What should I do if my child is not riding the bus?

If you know in advance, please inform the Transportation Coordinator (815)721-4762.

If your child wakes up and is ill. Please call in to the Transportation Department (815)522-2687. 

When should you stop for a bus that has its sign out?

You must stop before meeting or overtaking a school bus loading or unloading passengers.

A warning will be given at least 100 ft. (200 ft. in rural areas) in advance of a stop.  

The bus driver will flash amber and red lights on the front and rear of the bus. 

amber (slow down, prepare to stop, bus is about to stop.) 

red (stop, bus has stopped and is opening its service door)  

The stop signal arm will be extended after the school bus has come to a complete stop. You must then come to a complete stop. 

You must remain stopped until the stop signal arm is no longer extended and the flashing red lights are turned off. 

You do not always need to stop when meeting a stopped school bus on a roadway with four or more lanes. You do not need to stop if you are traveling in the opposite direction of the bus, on a road with four or more lanes, but you should drive cautiously. 

School Bus Stops

Your driving privileges will be suspended for three months if you are convicted of illegally passing a stopped school bus. If you receive two such convictions within five years, your driving privileges will be suspended for one year. In addition to the suspensions, violators will be fined $150 for a first conviction and $500 for a second or subsequent conviction.

Who should I contact if I move?

If you are moving within the district, notify the High School or Elementary Office and the Transportation Department soon as possible of your change of address. The Transportation Department will inform you of new route information. If you are moving out of the district, please contact the High School or Elementary Office directly.

The weather looks bad. Will the bus still pick my child up for school?

If school is in session (and not cancelled due to inclement weather) the bus will arrive to transport your child to school. Rain and snow can cause delays, please be patient. if the district has canceled school due to inclement weather, a message will be sent with our automated calling center.

I would like to submit a comment about a specific bus. How should I proceed?

As required by law, the school district has a driving hotline number. If you would like to make a compliment or complaint, please call the driving hotline and leave a message. The messages are transcribed and presented to the bus driver for review and response. When calling the driving hotline, please include the following information:

Bus Number, this can be found on the front, back and sides of the bus.

When and where the incident occurred. Please include both a date and time.

A description of the event being reported.

The driving hotline number is 815-522-2690