Little Hawks

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Background on our program…

The past 15 years we have been a Preschool For All, which is a state funded program. We unfortunately, did not receive the grant beginning in 2018-2019 school year. We have consequently had to change our program to be funded by monthly fees.

A typical day at Little Hawks

Arrival: Students wash hands, write name, make milk choice, and answer the question of the day.

First group: Music and dance, discuss the plan for the day, phonics activity, and personal discussions/share out.

Free Choice Centers: Students move around the classroom independently and engage at an interest center.

Whole Group: Students participate in activities geared toward literacy, math, and science.

Gross Motor: Students play on outdoor playground or engage in an indoor movement activity.

In the Little Hawks classroom

Our program is a half day blended program. Our AM session runs 8:00-10:40am and PM session runs 12:15-2:55pm.

Students are given 60+ minutes of free choice play daily. This allows the children to be in control of their learning. Centers are established based on the student’s interest. We have several centers in the classroom. Students can go to the art center, snack table, block center, dramatic play, music, sensory table, technology, science center, light table, toys and games, reading and writing center.

Current pricing for enrollment in 2020-2021 school year

Monthly fees:

$200 monthly – General Education Students

$100 monthly – Low Income Students

$0 monthly – Special Education Students

Parents must provide transportation to and from school everyday. A supply list will be required for all students entering into the program.

How to enroll to be a Little Hawk

Contact the Hiawatha Elementary office at 815-522-3336 to schedule a screening appointment.

At the appointment each child will receive a hearing and vision screening through the DeKalb County Health Department. They will also be evaluated using the Brigance developmental screening. Parents will complete an interview and home language survey.